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November 30th, 2010:
More Cogeneration options with cogentpower

Cogeneration (or trigeneration) has the ability to significantly increase the energy efficiency of a given site and reduce carbon emissions by up to 60%, but despite these benefits the technology has struggled to gain traction within the Australian energy market place due to many challenging market conditions and technological constraints. Specifically the inability to connect to an entire site load split across multiple grid feeders and the inability to export energy and gain the benefit of its lower carbon coefficient at remote sites.

Cogent Energy, Origin Energy’s distributed generation company has developed a unique and innovative solution, cogentpower to address the export and connection issues that have been limiting the use of cogeneration plants at large sites with multiple grid feeders or multiple remote sites. So now more sites can benefit from the operating efficiencies and lower carbon emissions of cogeneration. By leveraging Cogent’s position as a distributed generation company with an advanced technical understanding of cogeneration plants, cogentpower involves an onsite and custom engineered cogeneration or trigeneration plant that can safely connect to the local distribution network and generate the required electricity to operate that site, whilst at the same time exporting excess electricity to the grid. The surplus electricity which is less carbon intensive is exported to other grid feeders. They can feed the same site or other remote sites, provided they are all connected within the same distribution network boundary.

cogentpower involves:

  • Customised onsite plant that imports and exports energy.
  • Cogent’s build, own, operate and maintain (BOOM) cogeneration business model which eliminates the technical and financial complexities, and significantly reduces the risks that site owners may experience when trying to implement and operate their own cogeneration plants.
  • Exported energy attributed to the customer’s other grid feeders or remote sites.