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Case Study: Logistics Center
Erskine Park, Sydney

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Cogent Energy has designed and installed a state of the art cogeneration plant at a logistics Centre located in Erskine Park, Western Sydney.

The site is a major distribution hub for tenant Corporate Express which operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The plant is located within an acoustic enclosure situated onsite and designed to limit noise emissions and vibration to within statutory requirements.


Building Owner:
Australand (Tenant – Corporate Express)
Erskine Park, Sydney
Building Description:
Warehouse/Distribution with office space
Plant Operational Date:
15 December 2008

Cogeneration Configuration


The Erskine Park plant consists of a 386kW MTU Series 400 cogeneration engine that is connected in parallel to the grid. Thermal energy from the engine is currently not used onsite however capacity for thermal integration has been built into the installation for future consideration.

The plant is set up to operate either in grid parallel import or island mode and operates automatically during the peak and shoulder demand periods or during grid outages as emergency backup.

Plant Capacities

Peak Electrical:
386 kW at 0.8 power factor
Energy Efficiency:
38% Electrical Efficiency (estimated) when compared to using grid electricity.


Generators provide back up if grid connection fails so there is no need for additional diesel backup.

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