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Precinct-based systems delivering exported energy to multiple buildings

Cogeneration or trigeneration has the ability to significantly increase the energy efficiency of a given site and reduce carbon emissions by up to 60%.

A precinct of buildings in the same distribution network

A single cogeneration or trigeneration plant can supply electricity, heating and cooling to more than one site. Where a client needs energy provided to more than one building, Cogent implements cogeneration and trigeneration plants using a precinct installation model.

For a precinct installation, the cogeneration or trigeneration plant is installed at a site within that precinct, not necessarily one of the clients’ sites. The plant connects to the local distribution network, generates electricity for the client sites and exports any excess to the grid. The surplus is exported to other grid feeders and then fed back to the client sites or to remote sites connected to the same distribution network.

CogentPower can only be provided by a distributed generation supplier such as Cogent aligned with a major electricity retailer such as Origin. The purchase of this product allows site owners to concentrate on their core business, while Cogent delivers and manages the key energy requirements to ensure the site’s environmental credentials are achieved.

An arrangement between Cogent and Investa for Coca Cola Place – 40 Mount Street, North Sydney represents the first commercial building in Australia to have paved the way for precinct-based trigeneration systems that can serve multiple buildings,  like in Dandenong.


To find out more about how Cogentpower has overcome operational challenges and will enable other organisations to share surplus lower-carbon benefits between buildings read our Case Studies.

Cogentpower involves:

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