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Cogent’s solution is equipped with state of the art remote metering, monitoring and reconfiguration technology that allows responsive and decisive remote management.

Remote Management


The remote management equipment monitors all key elements of Cogent’s solution including electrical switch gear, mechanical plant, cogeneration engines, control equipment, and communications. Cogent can provide a technician to site to fix any faults that cannot be dealt with remotely.

Cogent’s service and support ensures that plant achieves the highest levels of performance, reliability and availability. Cogent targets an overall plant reliability of 99%.

Cogent and its suppliers conduct scheduled and preventative maintenance on plant during the non operational periods to ensure the operations of the site are not disturbed.

Sustainability Monitor

As an option Cogent can provide an on-site Sustainability Monitor to help inform the staff or public on the cogeneration plant and promote the use of energy saving initiatives on site.